Download our 2011-12 video PSA

Dear Public Service Coordinator:

Please consider airing Ballet Nebraska’s 2011-12 Public Service Announcement (PSA.) This 30-second PSA is suitable for use through August 2012.

Ballet Nebraska, the region’s only professional dance company, is eligible for public-service advertising as a nonprofit Nebraska corporation that is tax-exempt under IRS section 501c(3). If you need documentation or information about our organization’s eligibility, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

Downloading video files of our PSA

The PSA is available for download in the following formats. If you need a different format, or if you would prefer to receive a physical copy of the PSA on a standard-definition DVD disc, please contact us.

Downloadables: (right-click to select a destination and save to your computer)

720P HD — MOV format with bars and tone (277mb)

720P HD — MP4 format with bars and tone (277mb)

720P HD — MOV format, no bars/tone (222mb)

720P HD — MP4 format, no bars/tone (222mb)

640×360 SD — MOV format, no bars/tone (7.2mb)

640×360 SD — MP4 format, no bars/tone (7.2mb)

Preview the PSA online (requires HTML5-compatible browser):