Reviews and Feedback

midsummer1Drawing visitors from all over the U.S. and the world are Omaha’s many beautiful and wonderful attractions, including its zoo, botanical gardens, museums, and sports and event arenas. At the pinnacle of these attractions is Omaha’s most valued treasure–American Midwest  Ballet, which offers residents and visitors the epitome of the beauty and graceful expression of culture that comes from the artistry that only dance can provide.” — Nutcracker attendee 

“This is an amazing company. Their strength is multifaceted — wonderful programs, brilliant choreography (especially the dances created by director Erika Overturff), refreshing choices, gorgeous costumes, and an obvious love for dance that sweeps the audience into a wonderfully vibrant experience.” — Momentum attendee

“In a world where it seems like only anger and sadness are shared broadly, American Midwest Ballet provides a few hours of art, light, and joy to lift our spirits and remind us of the true beauty that still exists in abundance in our world. Brava!” – Momentum attendee

“As performed by the entire troupe, the dance [In the Style of Bob Fosse] was special indeed. It was set to a reworking of numbers from Chicago, a musical that was choreographed by Fosse. The dancers looked like they were having a blast. Their moves were at times dramatic, at times understated and always interesting, especially when the entire troupe came together to form stylized silhouettes. — Omaha World-Herald, Momentum

“The star of the night was at the end of the first act: Appalachian Song, choreographed by the company’s artistic director, Erika Overturff…The piece required a wide range of emotions; the performers were as much actors as dancers. They made it look effortless. I found myself marveling at the way they conveyed so many feelings with only movement, no words required.” — Omaha World-Herald, Momentum

“American Midwest Ballet premiered an exquisite new production of a classic on Saturday night… American Midwest Ballet has created a Swan Lake that could rival many from older ballet companies in other cities. Here’s hoping they will plan a repeat engagement in the not-too-distant future…” – Omaha World-Herald

“The ballet is a magical place. For just a few hours you forget all that is wrong and you see all that is right!” – performance attendee

“Joslyn Art Museum is thrilled about its ongoing partnership with Ballet Nebraska…We are grateful for this partnership opportunity that serves the community so well.” – Jack Becker, Executive Director & CEO, Joslyn Art Museum

“My students have the greatest time, and for the majority of them, this will be their only opportunity to see any ballet production, or even be at the Orpheum. The whole experience – being able to attend at the Orpheum, the set, staging, gorgeous costumes – is one that, even years later, students speak of with great fondness.” – teacher whose students attended a matinée

“I really enjoyed every part of the trip from getting on the bus to clapping when the show ended. I couldn’t take my eyes off the stage when we were there…the show made me smile each time they danced. Which was all the time.” – fifth grade student

“For many, they don’t have the means to attend these cultural events. I truly believe it gives them hope and inspiration to continue on in their goals and education!” – outreach partner organization

“It opened up a new experience for my students and me, personally. I never thought I would enjoy a ballet.  I was wrong!” – teacher whose students attended a matinée