Introducing Ballet Nebraska

Omaha — April 5, 2010 — With the announcement that Omaha Theater Ballet would be closing its doors after ten years of professional dance at the Rose Theater, arts lovers learned there would be a new cultural void once filled by a professional ballet company.

At the same time, a talented group of professional dancers who had come to call Omaha home were facing a difficult decision: where do we go from here?

Ballet Nebraska group photo

Ahead of the company’s debut season (coming this fall at the Orpheum Theater), Ballet Nebraska presented a sneak peek of what is to come last month at the Arts Center at Iowa Western.  | Photo: Jim Williams (March 2010)

As professional dancers, this group already understood that bringing a vision to life required well-choreographed steps, combined with both passion and support. The new ballet company plans to pick up where the old one left off — without missing a step.

Ballet Nebraska’s founder, artistic director and dancer, Erika Overturff – backed by a core group of dedicated and loyal supporters – has a goal: to bring the beauty and power of  ballet to those who love it — but also to those who have never had the opportunity to experience it before.

The plan is for the premiere season to begin this fall.

“We want to create a company that combines the technical precision and grace of classical ballet with the eclectic intrigue and energy of contemporary dance,” says Overturff.

“Ballet uniquely presents the artist as the art,” she continues. “It joins the emotional connection found in the human experience with the thrill of live theater.”

“We are excited to see where this leads.”

So are we, Ballet Nebraska! And thus it begins.

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